• Fixed bug which caused –logfile and –loglevel command line parameters to not be respected when running locust without zeromq.


API changes

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Removed –show-task-ratio-confluence and added a –show-task-ratio-json option instead. The –show-task-ratio-json will output JSON data containing the task execution ratio for the locust “brain”.
  • The HTTP method used when a client requests a URL is now displayed in the web UI
  • Some fixes and improvements in the stats exporting:
  • A file name is now set (using content-disposition header) when downloading stats.
  • The order of the column headers for request stats was wrong.
  • Thanks Benjamin W. Smith, Jussi Kuosa and Samuele Pedroni!


API changes

  • WebLocust class has been deprecated and is now called just Locust. The class that was previously called Locust is now called LocustBase.
  • The catch_http_error argument to HttpClient.get() and has been renamed to allow_http_error.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Locust now uses python’s logging module for all logging
  • Added the ability to change the number of spawned users when a test is running, without having to restart the test.
  • Experimental support for automatically ramping up and down the number of locust to find a maximum number of concurrent users (based on some parameters like response times and acceptable failure rate).
  • Added support for failing requests based on the response data, even if the HTTP response was OK.
  • Improved master node performance in order to not get bottlenecked when using enough slaves (>100)
  • Minor improvements in web interface.
  • Fixed missing template dir in MANIFEST file causing locust installed with “ install” not to work.

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