Source code for locust.exception

class LocustError(Exception):

class ResponseError(Exception):

class CatchResponseError(Exception):

class MissingWaitTimeError(LocustError):

[docs]class InterruptTaskSet(Exception): """ Exception that will interrupt a User when thrown inside a task """ def __init__(self, reschedule=True): """ If *reschedule* is True and the InterruptTaskSet is raised inside a nested TaskSet, the parent TaskSet would immediately reschedule another task. """ self.reschedule = reschedule
class StopUser(Exception): pass
[docs]class RescheduleTask(Exception): """ When raised in a task it's equivalent of a return statement. Also used internally by TaskSet. When raised within the task control flow of a TaskSet, but not inside a task, the execution should be handed over to the parent TaskSet. """
[docs]class RescheduleTaskImmediately(Exception): """ When raised in a User task, another User task will be rescheduled immediately (without calling wait_time first) """
class RPCError(Exception): """ Exception that shows bad or broken network. When raised from zmqrpc, RPC should be reestablished. """ class RPCSendError(Exception): """ Exception when sending message to client. When raised from zmqrpc, sending can be retried or RPC can be reestablished. """ class RPCReceiveError(Exception): """ Exception when receiving message from client is interrupted or message is corrupted. When raised from zmqrpc, client connection should be reestablished. """ def __init__(self, *args: object, addr=None) -> None: super().__init__(*args) self.addr = addr class RunnerAlreadyExistsError(Exception): pass