Testing Requests based SDKsΒΆ

If a prebuilt SDK is available for your target system, Locust has a supported pattern for integrating its usage into your load testing efforts.

The only prerequisite to achieve this is that the SDK needs to have an accessible request.Sessions class.

The following example shows the locust client overwriting the internal _session object of Archivist SDK during startup.

import locust
from locust.user import task
from archivist.archivist import Archivist  # Example SDK under test

class ArchivistUser(locust.HttpUser):
    def on_start(self):
        AUTH_TOKEN = None

        with open("auth.text") as f:
            AUTH_TOKEN = f.read()

        # Start an instance of of the SDK
        self.arch: Archivist = Archivist(url=self.host, auth=AUTH_TOKEN)
        # overwrite the internal _session attribute with the locust session
        self.arch._session = self.client

    def Create_assets(self):
        """User creates assets as fast as possible"""

        while True:
            self.arch.assets.create(behaviours=["Builtin", "RecordEvidence", "Attachments"], attrs={"foo": "bar"})